Thursday, February 25, 2010

Crystal Report with Asp.NET – Using Data Objects

Customer.cs file

public class Customer
public int Year { get; set; }
public String Name { get; set; }

Then go to query editor and run this SQL, It is better you have some records inserted in the table.


SELECT TOP (1) Name, Year
FROM Table1
FOR XML AUTO, Elements

It will return following kind of a XML. thus copy it and save it as Table1.xml (for that add a new XML file to the project and paste the content and save it.)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

Then add a new crystal report by selecting a black report option.



Now go to the database Expert and select .Net Object from the Tree menu.

image image

In there select the Customer (this is the class which we created early) and click it to push the other category. Then It will popup following screen. In there select the table1.xml that we created early.

image If you click finished auto generated report will be appear. You also can customize your report as relevant.

imageNow you want to put the data to the report.  Thus add a web form to your project and named it as Report.aspx.  and drag and drop a crystal report viewer to the page.


<html xmlns="" ><head runat="server"><title></title></head>
body><form id="form1" runat="server"> <div> <CR:CrystalReportViewer ID="CrystalReportViewer1" runat="server"
AutoDataBind="true" />


protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
List<Customer> cutomerlist = getCustomers();
ReportDocument report = new ReportDocument();
CrystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = report;

private List<Customer> getCustomers()
// Put your data base code here to get customers
// I'm adding sample data here
List<Customer> list = new List<Customer>();
list.Add(new Customer() { Name = "Saman", Year = 12 });
list.Add(new Customer() { Name = "Brao", Year = 15 });
return list;


Anonymous said...

So what happens if you have your data objects in a separate library/project? Unfortunately Crystal won't see those objects even if the crystal project has a reference to that libary. Haven't found a workaround.

Adrian said...

Thanks for this, awesome example. i encounter a problem with the report I am not sure if its the way we have linked the data source with the report.(i did exactly what you have done)

the problem is when we view the report in a browser such as IE 8 , only 1/4 report appears(horizaontaly). leaving a really wide left margin.

i created another report which directly links to the DB using the wizard. when this report was viewed in IE 8. there was no issue at all.

which leads me to the conclusion, there might a bug or something... would you know if there is another way around this? to link the dataobject with the reportviewer??

thanks again