Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document. In SharePoint Development or Deploying SharePoints wsp

These symbols, Dlls can be belongs to same project or any other references from other projects.

There are various reasons for this. I will explain few tips that you can try.

Check for multiple solutions

If the same reference libraries are referred from other solution and if it is in open in a visual studio solution, assemblies might being held with file lock by other visual studio; that cause not to deploy reference assemblies to GAC (global assembly cache).   

Full Debug Information

This is first to try.  Check the project build information and make sure full debug information is specified.
Go to properties for SharePoint Project.

Then go to build and advanced section.

  Then check for debug information and make sure it is set to full.

 Check Load Symbols in debug mode

This is a quiet a handy way to check the symbols debug files.  First press F5 or start debugging your project.
Then you can find the Module Menu under Debug -> Windows -> Module Menu.

There you can find the symbol load information and loading path.

As you can see you will find Loaded Symbols and path, there is a Load Symbol button there you can load symbols and change the path. Or else you can copy symbols to specified path. But sometime it might say that debug information are not matching with image, meaning debug information and assemblies deployed are not identical.

Enable Just My code

Tools – Option -> debugging - . general > un tick just my code

This is well explained here.

You can configure Visual Studio to automatically step over system, framework, and other non-user calls and collapse those calls in the call stack window. The feature that enables or disables this behavior is called Just My Code. This topic describes how to use Just My Code in C#, Visual Basic, C++, and JavaScript projects.

Package the libraries

Seems like your code is not package with the solution

You need to package the assemblies to deploy with the package. Generally runtime will use the available packages in the GAC unless it is packaged.

You can go to project properties.

Then go to advanced settings
Package - > advance - > bind the assemblies

Add the assembly to the package.
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