Monday, November 13, 2017

Empowering your business and personal processes with Microsoft Flow.

Introduction to Flow

This is a cloud base products which you can use individually or aligned with Office 365. In generally you can think this is as an alternative to windows workflow foundation with profoundly amount of features and concepts.

You can access the Microsoft Flow through Office O365.

If you are wish to subscribe Flow as a direct service you can just login in

Concept of automating


Automating workflow is all about

  • ·         Initiation
  • ·         Flow
  • ·         Out

If a system or a platform can be integrated with variety of inputs by other systems, it is a well indication of viability of the   platform.

Microsoft Flow contains significant number of initiation methods called triggers or connectors. Currently it is contains 184 + connectors and will be expanded more in the future.

Initiation / Out

Connectors are base mechanism for Initiation and out.

“More the connectors more the integration”

Major connectors such as
  • Database systems (SQL server, Oracle , MySQL , InfoMix …)
  • Email Systems (Outlook, Gmail, MailChimp ..)
  • ERP systems (Dynamics, CRM)
  • IOT Systems (


Flow is basically manipulation and tasks, it can be a simple approval to complicated integration few non interdependent systems.

Microsoft Flow contains easy integration of all three elements just click on few buttons and entering relevant credentials and authentication to connections.  I will explain how to build your flows in futures posts.

Microsoft Flow is Free, Basic and Premium

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