Monday, May 22, 2017

Getting started with NEW Office 365

Getting started with NEW Office 365

As you may already know, Office 365 comes with different subscription models. First you need make you’re your billing address is available in supported countries.

You can find the geographical availability by referring below URL.

Once you are confident with your location you can check the available subscription plans.

There are trial versions and service descriptions are clearly available in above link. Once you are done with the payment you will be redirect to a page with an introduction wizard, where you will be highlighted with main sections in Office 365.

I will provide a detailed article later in my post. But for the moment I will summarize the main


These screens talking about everything you see in your screen first time.

Admin Center

Admin center in where you manage your tenant and tenant settings including

  • Billing information
  • User licenses
  • Domain Setup
  • Data migration
  • Health

One Drive

This is where your cloud storage comes. Once Drive contents two part. Once drive user page and one drive admin page.

One drive user page can used to upload your data and files as any other service provider (like Google Drive, Drobox)

OneDrive admin can used to monitor as a whole when it’s comes to multiple users and sharing.


This is simply an apps store where you can fins enormous apps by various vendors around the world.


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