Thursday, April 2, 2015

Step by step setup for Outgoing Email Setting in SharePoint 2013– Part 1

This is a series of a article which covers SharePoint 2013 Outgoing email configuration.

Configure outgoing e-mail settings with existing email sever in SharePoint Server 2013

If you have existing SMTP server you need can simply configure with the SharePoint Central Admin.

  • Open the SharePoint 2013 Central Administration and go to System Settings and Click Configure outgoing e-mail settings.


  • Click the email settings to configure the outgoing email server. set the Outbound SMTP server to your email server. From address to any email address that should display in the from email and Reply-to address as reply email.


Outbound SMTP server should be set to fully qualified domain name of the SMTP virtual server (You can find configuring SMTP virtual server in later part in the article); if you had IIS SMTP virtual server setup. SMTP virtual servers are simply forwarding emails to SMTP server in order to perform email exchange. (Refer : Understanding the SMTP Virtual Server)


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