Tuesday, August 26, 2014

An error occurred while talking to SMTP host mail.something.local Event ID 6858

this error occurred to me when I setup SMTP virtual sever for SharePoint farm. then I tried to trouble shoot email sending using PowerShell and it also return False.

Trouble shooting SharePoint Emails (SMTP server) 

$dict = new-object System.collections.specialized.stringdictionary
// recipient's Email Address
$dict .add("to","somebosy@gmail.com")
// sender: you can put anything that you want to visible in the email
$dict .add("from","outsender@sharepoint.local")
$dict .add("Subject","sample subject")
// this is any existing sp web url
$web = get-spweb "http://4587wfe2013:5003"
$body = "This is our body codes in it."

This code will return True if success otherwise will be False.

This error occurred me because of connection issues to SMTP server. thus I go to SMTP properties


Then go to Access Tab and click Connection and Relay buttons and make the radio selection to all except to list below.



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