Sunday, April 21, 2013

Access is Denied when submitting Task Job to Azure Media Services

When submitting Job task in Azure media service it is giving error “Access Denied”.

ITask task = job.Tasks.AddNew("My task",processor,"H264 Broadband 720p",TaskOptions.ProtectedConfiguration);
// Specify the input asset to be encoded.
task.OutputAssets.AddNew("Output asset",AssetCreationOptions.None);
// Launch the job.

This is the code segment I have used. This is working in my local machine but I published to Cloud Web Site it is giving access denied error.

I found that the  TaskOptions.ProtectedConfiguration caused this error. When you use this option it is accessing client machine certificate store. Since running context does not have sufficient permission; causing  access denied error.

So change the TaskOptions.None. it will work.

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