Monday, November 16, 2009

Configure XAMPP with vista when IIS is running

Go to XAMPP installed folder and go to

Apache /Conf/ Extra folder  and open the httpd-ssl.conf file with note pad or some text editor.

# Note: Configurations that use IPv6 but not IPv4-mapped addresses need two
# Listen directives: "Listen [::]:443" and "Listen"
Listen 443

find the above code and change 443 to something like 4499.

DocumentRoot "c:/web/xampp/htdocs"ServerName localhost:443
ServerAdmin admin@localhost

and also find the above and change it to 4499
and save the file.Then open the file httpd.conf in apache/conf folder.

#Listen [::]:80
Listen 80

find above and change 80 to something like 8080

ServerName localhost:80

and find this and change it also to 8080
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