Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Reporting server web part not working in SharePoint 2013

These was situation in my server farm , reporting server web part is not worked. Literally I can add the reporting server web part to the server but when I give the report path report is showing but when I click Apply Button nothing is showing in the page.

While playing with the web part I found that If I unchecked the Asynchronous Rendering report will be loaded in the web part. 

But after that none of operations are working (as an example , Expand , Apply new filter) because we disabled the Ajax request from the web part.
By digging through found that we have put “SPWebpartManager” tag in the header section in the master page which actually should be in the body; when the time of custom master page creation.
<WebPartPages:SPWebPartManager runat="Server"/>
We could have found this one more easily if we change the master page to default.
Lesson Learnt
If some web parts are miss behave , change the Master Page to the default and check whether still issue is there.

(We know this but always forgetting to to it at the first place)
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