Monday, January 12, 2015

Information Rights Management in Office 365 (IRM SharePoint Online)


Office 365 recently comes with a IRM feature that you can control the rights of  a document library and a List.

Current IRM supports only Restrict permissions on this library on download but this option contains other few options that I will explain later.

SharePoint online currently supports below documents types. This may change in new releases.

  • PDF
  • Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (97-2003 versions)
  • The XML Paper Specification (XPS) format 


How to Configure Information Rights Management in Office 365

Step One (Activate Information Rights Management in o365 )

First you need to activate the Rights Management from service settings.


  • Then click on Manage and click activate for enable.
  • Then you will see the activation on the page.


Step Two (Activate Information Rights Management in SharePoint )

  • Now you activate the SharePoint Rights Management
  • Go to SharePoint Admin page


  • Go to Settings section and Use the IRM service selection option.


Step Three (Configure Rights Management in Document Library)

  • Go to your SharePoint Site and Library/List and go to Settings
    • Click on the  Information Right Management


    • Check the Restrict permissions on this library on download and Enter Name and Description for the IRM Policy. here you can click SHOW OPTIONS for other configurations.


Options include

  • Do not allow users to upload documents that do not support IRM
  • Stop restricting access to the library at specific date
  • Prevent opening documents in the browser for this Document Library
  • Allow viewers to print
  • Allow viewers to run script and screen reader to function on downloaded documents
  • Allow viewers to write on a copy of the downloaded document
  • After download, document access rights will expire after these number of days (1-365)
  • Users must verify their credentials using this interval (days)
  • Allow group protection

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