Monday, March 25, 2013

Can not connect to Windows Azure Cloud Service Web Role (Remote Desktop)

I have tried few days to connect to azure web role. I enabled the settings which is prompting when you going to publish the web role. But it didn't work for me. (The reason i found is i gave the name administrator). You can following alternative way to connect to your  web role.

How to connect to Windows Azure Web Role (Using Remote Desktop)

  • Create a Azure Web Role and publish it to azure.
  • When you are publishing enable the Remote Desktop for all roles.
  • If you use usernames such as admin, administrator, etc. it will not work. You can check it from
  • Go to Cloud services and Configure Menu


Then click the remote icon in the bottom


Then it will pop up a dialog which you can use and check for your remote configurations.



Anonymous said...

Hi Melick ,

Is it possible to change the RDP port number of cloud services ??? RDP default port is blocked in my company.


melick baranasooriya said...

Hi kajan,
As I remember if you go to visual studio cloud service remote connection properties , you can change it